Mail Subjects

Best practices to make Effective subject lines ?

January 11, 2017 Suhesh KS 0

Importance of Mail Subjects The Importance of the effective subject lines, When it comes to sending an important email, whether it be to one person or a mass marketing communication, the key to success is creating engaging content. With email marketing, as well as with […]

Mail accounts Access with Administrator Login

December 3, 2016 Suhesh KS 0

In some cases, we need to login into the customer mail accounts and test the working of the email accounts. Avoid login into the customer email accounts if possible and create test email account for testing and delete it after that. But in some situations, […]


Find Mail Redirects in Plesk and cPanel

August 1, 2016 Suhesh KS 0

We are receiveing too many mail bouncing issues with google/gmail and other giant mail service providers. Most of the case the issue occured due to the redirects form the server. In case of redirects, it will redirect spam mails also and at receiver end, it […]