Suhesh K.S

Chief Executive Officer at NixTree Solutions LLP


Mr. Suhesh KS is Chief Executive Officer at NixTree Solutions LLP and Linux System Administrator by profession with 11 Years of work experience in Linux system administration in web hosting, data center, and data warehousing industry and have worked with reputed support companies. His wide range of skills includes team management, system administration ( Linux ), programming ( bash, Perl, PHP, Java, Python), web hosting, data center support, cPanel Plugin development, website optimization, Social media marketing.


Doing system administration works in the open source technology.

  • Remote Server management with and without control panel
  • Server migrations with and without control panels
  • Restoration of data from crashed hard disk for servers with and without control panel
  • Virtual Server Migration from different visualization technologies
  • Install and manage servers for high traffic sites.
  • Server optimizations for high performance.
  • Investigating hacking, spamming, phishing etc..
  • cPanel plugin development
  • Resolving PCI Compliance issues with servers with and without control panel.
  • Creating bash shell script for server administration.
  • DevOps
  • Maintenance and management of Docker containers
  • Python programming
  • Blogging on Open source technologies.



cPanel plugin for finding the outdated applications in the server. Currently, the plugin is configured for wordpress and Joomla installations.

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ntPHPselector plugin allows the user to select preferred PHP version per directory on the same domain. Our new ntPHPselector version 4 is released for the cPanel servers with EasyApache 4 version, which support php versions 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2. By default 5.3 is not enabled. You need to recompile it after enabling it from “Settings” tab after the installation.

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NT cPanel Backup

NT cPanel Backup an Optimized backup script by Nixtree by using the cPanel backup utility to avoid the load issues caused due to the normal scheduled cPanel backup. The accounts with large size take long time to complete the backup, also consumes high server resources for archiving the huge account. Most of the case, most of the space is consumed by public_html and mails and in some cases databases too. So we are using the pkgaccnt script with skipping home directory to speed up the backup process. Also taking the rsync copy of the home directory to get all the data.

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All in One Cpanel Plugin for Security,Basic Administration and Auditing

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