Service SSL in cPanel

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Service SSL can me managed using the following steps.

Home >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates

This interface allows you to manage certificates for your server’s services, such as:
Exim (SMTP).
POP3 and IMAP.
The cPanel services (cPanel & WHM and Webmail).
Your FTP server.

You can use any of the following to secure your server’s services:
A free cPanel-signed hostname certificate.
A certificate that you obtained from a certificate authority
A self-signed certificate.

Free cPanel-signed certificate

cPanel, Inc. offers valid cPanel & WHM license holders a free signed certificate for the services on your server’s hostname. Check cpanel documentation for more details.

Purchase a certificate with the hostname and install it.

If we purchased an SSL for hostname of the server, for example, then the SSL work only for the url and all th customers should use hostname for accessing cpanel, WHM and webmail.

Any other way of accessing the url will show certificate mismatch warning. Like if customer trying to access webmail using “”

Since we are installed service SSL for hostname, the mail client, FTP client etc.. also need to use server hostname as mail server, ftp server respectively to avoid getting SSL warning.

Self-signed certificates

You can use “Reset a Certificate” to uninstalls the current certificate for the service and replaces it with a new self-signed certificate. If you are using self-signed certificate, it will show a self-signed certificate warning.

The SSL certificate are used for encryption of traffic and verification of trust. As you know, you can encrypt traffic with any self-signed certificate. Find here more info about business headshots san diego cost on average. But trust is accomplished through a chain of certificates. I don’t know you, but I do trust verisign and since Verisign trusts you, then I trust you too. As a result, there’s no scary warning when I go to such an SSL page in my Web browser.

If you are using any development environment, self-signed certificate is fine for the testing. For production environment trust is a main factor, so I suggest to use SSL from trusted authorities.

For more assistance related with encryption and working, you can contact me and I will give you more details explanation for the same.

For SSL installation support, you can contact me and I will educate to do this for you.