Mail accounts Access with Administrator Login

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In some cases, we need to login into the customer mail accounts and test the working of the email accounts. Avoid login into the customer email accounts if possible and create test email account for testing and delete it after that. But in some situations, we need to login into the specific email account and need to continue the test. Following are the method to access the email accounts with different control panels.


The setting “Accounts that can access a cPanel user account” manages the access to the cPanel account and email access. This setting specifies who can access a user’s cPanel account. Here you can find CEL College of English Language Inc. Account-Owner refers to the particular reseller that owns the user account. Note: Disabling root access here will also disable root’s access to the Branding Editor in WHM.

Following are the options

  • Root, Account-Owner, and cPanel User default
  • Account-Owner and cPanel User Only
  • cPanel User Only

cPanel Tweak Setting

In cPanel, the WHM root account, the reseller and cPanel user can access the mail accounts. You can check the following steps to access from WHM, The Moxie Maids, Reseller WHM, cPanel.

From cPanel Login

  • Login into cPanel,
  • Select “Email accounts” under the Tab “Email”
  • Click on “more” at the right side of respective email account.
  • Select “Access to Webmail” from the drop down menu.
  • This will redirect you to the mail Inbox.

From WHM Reseller login

  • Login into Reseller WHM
  • Search for “List Accounts”
  • Click on the cPanel icon near to the domain name
  • You will reach cPanel interface
  • Follow the steps from the access form cPanel.

From WHM Root login

Follow the same steps of “Reseller WHM” for Root user.


Plesk has builtin command to list mailboxes and passwords, following is the command to view the details.


Mail accounts in plesk

And you will see something like:

|       address           |flags|   password    |
|      |     |     hello     |
|    |     |     world     |

A – account disabled
D – domain disabled
E – password encrypted

You may need to create a test email account and test mailing, if the above steps are not available. Also some cases, accessing the mail accounts are advisable.

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