Different ways to access cPanel, WHM and Webmail

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cPanel can be accessed in different ways. It can be accessed using server hostname, domain name, server ip with and without SSL.

Using server hostname with and without SSL

Make sure the hostname is a fully qualified domain with necessary dns records. Otherwise it will show dns errors.

http://serrver-hostname:2082 # Access cPanel Using hostname without SSL
https://serrver-hostname:2083 # Access cPanel Using hostname with SSL

http://serrver-hostname:2086 # Access WHM Using hostname without SSL
https://serrver-hostname:2087 # Access WHM Using hostname with SSL

Access cPanel using domain name

http://domainname/cpanel # Access cPanel Using domain
http://domainname:2082 # Access cPanel Using domain without SSL
https://domainname:2083 # Access cPanel Using domain with SSL

http://domainname/whm # Access WHM Using domain
http://domainname:2086 # Access WHM Using domain without SSL
https://domainname:2087 # Access WHM Using domain with SSL

If we use “https://domainname:2087” for accessing WHM, it uses the SSL bind to the port 2087, not the SSL installed under the domain. Don’t confuse with the SSL loading. And access is based on the username and password used, so if we use a domian for accessing cPanel and entered a different domain’s username, then the contents load for the entered username.

For example: domainname1.com with user1 and domainname2.com with user2 and accessed cPanel using http://domainname1.com/cpanel and entered user2 and credentials. So it will login as user2, the configuration for the dominname2.com ( Still the url is http://domainname1.com ). The login is purely based on the login details provided irrespective of the url used.

Proxy Subdomains

The ability to access cPanel/WHM/Webmail over port 80 is controlled by the Proxy Subdomains feature in “WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings”. Set your installations and repairs straight with www./handymanconnection.com/. If that feature is enabled, you will need to ensure the domain name points to your server. Otherwise, you will need to manually add in the “A” records at the DNS provider of the domain name.


Access cPanel/WHM using any of the IP in the server

http://Server-ip:2082 # Accesss cPael Using server ip without SSL
https://Server-ip:2083 # Accesss cPael Using server ip with SSL

http://Server-ip:2086 # Accesss WHM Using server ip without SSL
https://Server-ip:2087 # Accesss WHM Using server ip with SSL

The SSL we used for cPanel/WHM and Webmail are managed using “Service SSL” in cPanel. You can manage the same in

Home >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates