Best practices to make Effective subject lines ?

January 11, 2017 by No Comments

Importance of Mail Subjects

The Importance of the effective subject lines, When it comes to sending an important email, whether it be to one person or a mass marketing communication, the key to success is creating engaging content. With email marketing, as well as with social media marketing done by, the aim is to achieve a high open rate and, ideally, a high click rate. Though the body of an email is always the most important element to focus on, the first section that will engage your audience is the subject line. Email overload is a reality in today’s fast-paced business environment. So most people spend just a fraction of a second evaluating email subject fields. If the subject field doesn’t immediately capture their attention, they move on to the next message in their inboxes even though the main body of the email may contain information that is valuable and useful to their business.

As per the statistics on email, compiled in August 2015 an average office worker receives 121 emails a day and around 49.7% of mails is spam. And 69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line and 47% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone. That’s why it’s so important to craft subject lines that are compelling enough to get people to click through.

How to make Effective subject lines ?

Here I am mentioning few points only, you can google for more, if needed. Also following few of them will make a good difference in the mail open rates.

Keep it short and sweet.

Subject lines should tell people what they need to know in as few words as possible. Studies have found that subject lines with 50 characters or less result in 12% higher opening rates and 75% higher click through rates than emails with longer subject lines. So keep your subject short.

Unique hook

People are fed up of seeing the same marketing words and cliches used in email subject lines. Make your marketing emails stand out with a unique hook that entices them to learn more by opening the email.

Include Localization

Personalize a message with a recipient’s first or last name to improve open rates. MailChimp research suggests including a city name is even better.

Offer value

A good email subject line will communicate some sort of value to the recipient. You need to let them know that by opening your email, they will be able to improve their lives in some way.

Don’t make false promises.

One of the worst things you can do is deceive your email recipients. Don’t promise something in your subject line that you can’t deliver in the marketing email. It’s important that your subject line is relevant to the content of your email.

Use Different Subject Lines

The open rate for the newsletter mails will decrease over time. So Keep your content fresh, and don’t repeat the same subject line for each campaign.


Nothing will harm your credibility more than spelling and grammar mistakes in your email subject lines. So run a spell heck before sending the mails.

Take out anything spammy

Subject lines that are aggressively sales-ey are often the most likely to be marked as spam. That means you should avoid loud punctuation like all caps and multiple exclamation points, as well as overtly promotional language like “Buy now” or “Free.”

Time it right.

Sending an email at the right time with the right subject line can make a huge difference in open and clickthrough rate.

DON’T USE ALL CAPS or overuse exclamation points!!!

A subject line that says, “OPEN NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE TRIAL” or ” p=”” ignored.<=”” email=”” your=”” get=”” probably=”” it’ll=”” fact,=”” in=”” open.=”” an=”” you=”” to=”” going=”” isn’t=”” only!!!!!!!!”=”” today=”” coupon=”” off=”” 50%=””>
Now a days, emails communication is moving to higher rates, so if the subject lines are properly managed, it will not make any difference.