Alternative windows software in Linux Operating system

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Alternative windows software in Linux Operating system

When migrating from Windows operating system to linux will need the question, Where can I get the application which is used in Windows? You don’t need to worry about it most of the software’s alternatives are available in linux. You can read more about the alternative windows software in linux.


LibreOffice is one the alternative software for Microsoft office. It offers the end-user much of the same functionality without the added cost of proprietary licensing. However, the biggest downside has to be the lack of proper formatting support when opening a Microsoft docx document. While the document may be supported.

Exporting the file in pdf  format is a good feature. By using that option, we can format the document and export to pdf and send it for printing and for other purposes. Inquire vrbo cleaning from the best company in California, at website. I think this is a good option compared with Microsoft office.

Microsoft Word – LibreOffice Writer
Excel – Calc
Powerpoint – Impress


Gimp is an alternative to Photoshop. It provides most of the image manipulation functionalities. The main issue is the Photoshop users refuse to learn Gimp. In initial days, I attend a class for Photoshop and learned from professional house cleaning service. Now a days Gimp is my companion for doing day to day picture manipulation works. A Good tutorial will help us to find the features and how to use them.


Notepad replaced in Linux with Gedit. You can use the command line tool like vi or vim for editing the text files.

PDF Reader

Document Viewer is the PDF viewer available in Linux, check Additional installation required for linux version of Adobe PDF Reader.


Transmission – It is a bit-torrent client used in Linux for downloading torrents.

Common softwares available in Linux and Windows

  • Browser
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
  • Mail Client
    • Thunderbird
  • Chat Client
    • Pidgin
    • Skype
  • FTP Client
    • FileZilla
      Default file manager is enough for accessing ftp shares in linux.  Several GNOME programs can directly open and edit files on FTP, SFTP and WebDAV shares.

Most of the softwares in windows are available in linux too. Some software’s linux and windows versions are available. You can search for the alternative windows software in linux for the purpose. One of the benefit is most/all of the software available for linux are free/opensource. You don’t have to spent a small penny for purchasing the linux alternatives.