Crontab tips and tricks

June 30, 2016 Suhesh KS 0

In order to automate the processes, we need to execute some commands or tasks periodically like the backups taken, downloading mails to Billing or ticketing system etc. We can accomplish these tasks by adding a cronjob. Cron is the name of program that enables unix […]

Linux Distributions

June 9, 2016 Suhesh KS 0

Unix comes in many flavors usually called distributions. A Linux distribution (often called a distro for short) is an operating system made from a software collection, which is based upon the Linux kernel and, often, a package management system. Software is maintained ( patched ) […]

Absolute and Relative path in Linux

June 3, 2016 Suhesh KS 0

A path is a unique location to a file or a folder in a file system of an OS. We can represent the file path using two methods. Absolute path and relative path. Absolute path always refer the the same destination, since it is start […]